4 Emails. 9 Days. 3,006 People. $367,890.
By Jim Gilliam

Toward the end of April 2006, we needed to decide whether we were going to make Iraq for Sale. Rick Jacobs had secured the only financial commitment: a pledge of $100,000 contingent on whether we could raise an additional $200,000. If we waited any longer to start filming, we’d never make a fall release. It was the end of the line.

Brave New Films production meeting

Frustrated yet again that the money people weren’t grasping our brilliant vision for the social impact Iraq for Sale would have, we discussed various schemes at our weekly meeting to find the $200,000. We eventually decided to turn to the thousands of people who had purchased DVDs of our previous films and ask them to contribute $50 each.

This was something I had always wanted to try, but we could never do it without going public about the topic of the movie, thereby tipping off the people we were investigating. But we just couldn’t turn our backs on this story, so we decided to go public and see what happened.

Nine days and four emails later we had all the money we needed. See the 3,006 people who made it happen.

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