Behind the Scenes

05/05: Director Robert Greenwald to testify before Congress by Jim Gilliam
10/05: Send us your screening photos! by Jesse Haff
10/04: Join Robert Greenwald online today at 2pm PST / 5pm EST by Jesse Haff
10/04: Iraq for Sale and Unite Here by Rick Jacobs
09/29: Great new video from St. Louis premiere by Jesse Haff
09/28: Organizing chaos by Sarah Feeley
09/22: Washington DC and Philadelphia premiere pictures by Jesse Haff
09/21: St. Louis premiere pictures by Jesse Haff
09/20: On the road by Tracy Fleischman
09/17: Robert will be in five cities this week by Jim Gilliam
09/07: Iraq for Sale merchandise now available by Jesse Haff
08/25: Iraq for Sale stickers are on the way by Jesse Haff
08/18: The things I feel and do is not a good title for this entry by Mystery Pincher
07/21: Patriots Against War Profiteering by Jim M
06/23: The Final Interviews by Jim M

Below are seven short articles written by the filmmakers describing various aspects of bringing Iraq for Sale to life.

Truman for Today by Richard Jacobs

History will explain Iraq, but one thing is clear: the rapacious profiteering that has occurred as a result of Bush Administration policies offering up no-bid, unsupervised contracts to a small group of well connected American corporations has alienated Iraqis, killed American soldiers and contractors and damaged American credibility more than the war itself. Continue reading

Filmmaking Brave New Films Style by Devin Smith

After finishing our last film, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, the Brave New Films team proudly proclaimed "we will not start another film without having financing for the film in place." Of course, we’ve said this before. However, this time we said it with great conviction. Continue reading

4 Emails. 9 Days. 3,006 People. $367,890. by Jim Gilliam

Toward the end of April 2006, we needed to decide whether we were going to make Iraq for Sale. Rick Jacobs had secured the only financial commitment: a pledge of $100,000 contingent on whether we could raise an additional $200,000. If we waited any longer to start filming, we’d never make a fall release. It was the end of the line. Continue reading

On Class and Corruption by Kerry Candeale

Ruby, South Carolina, Silver City, New Mexico, and Manistee, Michigan form a geographical triangle on the map of the United States. Deep South, southwest, and upper mid west respectively, each town possesses its own micro-environment, Manistee on the shores of lake Michigan, Silver City within site of the tail end of the Rocky Mountains as they trail off into Mexico, and Ruby, a paradise of green for those who live in the single-family homes, the trailers and shacks that are still as ever present part of the rural South. Each of these towns is home to a person, a character in Iraq For Sale. Continue

My First Cease and Desist Letter by Amanda Spain

On July 25th, 2006 I arrived. It was a morning like any other. I had woken up early, walked my dog, had a cup of coffee and checked my e-mails. First thing in the morning I am always prepared for my inbox to be full because Robert wakes up at …well …. hmmm …actually I don’t think he sleeps. Anyway that means there are usually a number of emails waiting for me by 8 am. Continue reading

Levi in Ten by Abbie Hurwitz

Levi was sweet and soft spoken. At 22, he didn't yet have a college degree and expressed remorse that he didn't get one online like many of the other soldiers at his base in Iraq. He laughed quietly telling stories of his platoon and cried when talking about the 8 year-old girl who became his pen-pal through She called him her soldier hero, and he surprised her with a visit when he returned to the states last March. Continue reading

Iraq for Sale Education and Outreach Program by Jim Miller

The education and outreach done by Brave New Foundation is an important part viewing the film. We do not rely on traditional distribution because we have found it more effective to reach people through schools, neighborhood organizations and their own homes. Traditional distribution does not allow for the conversation and discussion that is necessary after viewing one of our documentaries. We know that issues do not go away with the screening of a film, so we have built an infrastructure to keep the work around the issues alive and growing. Continue reading