Ben Carter
KBR/ Halliburton Former Water Purification Specialist
Layton, Utah
"So I went over there and that's where my eyes were opened, within the first day that I was in Iraq I started to see just incredible waste and compromised safety standards. Within the first few days I was questioning the company that I agreed to go work for."
- Ben Carter
Former Halliburton water purificaton specalist Ben Carter discusses the serious health issues related to water contamination

Ben Carter is a water safety expert and a caring family man. Passionate about his work, Carter went to Iraq to support the troops and reconstruction efforts. Yet soon after he arrived in Iraq he found KBR/Halliburton cutting essential corners. Carter eventually found the water being supplied to troops was severely contaminated. Halliburton was not fulfilling its responsibility to supply the military with clean water. Carter notified his supervisors who barred him from notifying the military and senior company officials about the untreated water he found was being supplied to US servicemen. KBR’s indifference to the contaminated water led Ben Carter to resign. Since leaving Iraq he’s spoken out about Halliburton, testified before the Democratic Policy Committee and worked to warn soldiers of the dangers of contaminated water.

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