Joshua Casteel
Military Interrogator Abu Ghraib
Rapids, Iowa
"There was a little phrase that we threw around, 'Food for Freedom.' That if you wanted to get paid more you should start eating more so you'd get booted out for being overweight. And it's an honorable discharge and it would boost your pay, your net worth by about 5 times if you were to do such a thing. And it worked."
- Joshua Casteel
Joshua Casteel's 20 minute testimony (not in the film)

Joshua Casteel is a thoughtful all-American young man. After being a football star and his high school valedictorian, Casteel went on to West Point Military Academy. As a soldier, he was sent to serve at Abu Ghraib. Working side by side with private contractors who made six figures Casteel began to question the role of private contractors in a war zone: “… over the course of my stay in Iraq it was just day after day after day, grappling with going to mass and taking, you know, the body and blood of Christ into my mouth and then going back to the interrogation room and interrogating 5 breadwinners who had been taken from a single home and wondering what their family was doing for food while I was eating food prepared by private contractors.”

In the video above, Joshua talks of his epiphany while serving as a military interrogator at Abu-Ghraib prison at an event hosted by Veterans for Peace.