My First Cease and Desist Letter
By Amanda Spain

On July 25th, 2006 I arrived.

It was a morning like any other. I had woken up early, walked my dog, had a cup of coffee and checked my e-mails. First thing in the morning I am always prepared for my inbox to be full because Robert wakes up at … well …. hmmm … actually I don’t think he sleeps. Anyway that means there are usually a number of emails waiting for me by 8 am.

Brave New Films office

On this morning the load was light. I answered what I needed to and prepared to journey ALL the way to Culver City from my little house on the East Side of Los Angeles. As I drove on the 10 West I sang along to Big & Rich and other country favorites. I was happy as if I knew something good was around the corner. I turned that corner and parked. “Good Morning Fellow Workers”, I said as I walked in the office. I think I heard birds chirping as we all greeted the day with a positive liberal attitude. Again I sat in front of my computer and went to my inbox. There were more little treasures of unread joy awaiting me. One name did not look familiar. “I wonder who it could be” I thought. Then I remembered if I want to find out all I have to do is click, which I did. There was no text only an attachment. I downloaded the attachment and with one download my life changed forever…

The first line read Dear Mr. Greenwald and Ms. Spain…Oh my gosh is this what I think it is? I keep reading… Blah..blah…blah CACI…blah…..blah ….blah Cease and Desist. The letter head is from an attorney’s office and I quickly realize I have received a cease and desist letter. It has been addressed to me. This is so fucking cool. I have actually managed to somewhat scare a multi-billion dollar private military contracting company. They now know that I know who they are and what they are.

Okay listen, I know they are not shaking in their gold plated loafers but at least I helped make them take the one minute it took them to call their attorney and the 2 minutes it took their lawyer to draft the letter to think about profiteering. Trust me, it only took him two minutes because as far as attorney letters go this one was pretty mediocre. That’s okay I am still going to frame the letter anyway.

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