Bud Conyers
KBR/Halliburton Former Truck Driver
Enid, Oklahoma
Bud Conyers
"I have no problem with making a lot of profit. I do have a problem with just flat out lying about what you're ordering, what you’re destroying and things like that. That's what I have a problem with. And there's a difference… especially when the troops health is put in danger."
- Bud Conyers

Bud Conyers was a longtime truck driver when he went to work for KBR in Iraq in 2003: “...I liked driving a truck because of the freedom it gave me.” Conyers was excited about the prospect of supporting American troops and getting to do what he loved. Once in Iraq, he was surprised at the level of waste, corruption and deception he saw.

Conyers is currently writing a book on his experiences titled The Contractor.