Aidan Delgado
SPC Army Reserve Nasiriyah & Abu Ghraib
Sarasota, Florida
"When I saw the military recruiters on my campus I thought that this would be an interesting change of pace. I thought I would take that semester off for training and kind of get out of my immediate situation and do something different."
- Aidan Delgado

A young former reservist from Sarasota Florida, Aidan Delgado decided to take a break from school and serve his county. In one of those twists of fate, he went to sign his army contract on Sept. 11, 2001. Eventually Aidan was called upon to spend six months in the southern city of Nasiriyah, and another six months working at Abu Ghraib Prison outside Baghdad.

Aidan speaks candidly about his experience at Abu Ghraib prison in this 13 minute video (not in the film).

His time in the military made him question the role of contractors and the huge sums of tax-payer money they were paid: “by the time we got to Abu Ghraib we had this long animosity I guess you would say, low level animosity towards contractors. And many people were dissatisfied with the laundry service at Abu Ghraib, and were dissatisfied with the morale facilities in general.” In addition to making his day-to-day life in Iraq difficult, Aidan was concerned by the extent to which unqualified people were hired by private corporations to work as translators. No longer in the military, Aidan is now back in school studying religion.

Learn more: From 'Gook' to 'Raghead' (5/2/2005, Bob Herbert, New York Times)