Kelly Dougherty
220th Military Police Company Colorado National Guard
Colorado Springs, Colorado
"….everyone was getting sick. We were in these bunk beds so the person in the top bunk often was maybe a couple feet or a foot from this moldy tent and people were getting sick so it wasn't even that it was gross to smell it, it was that it was unhealthy and who's getting paid for putting that tent up? You know, probably Kellogg, Brown and Root."
- Kelly Dougherty

Kelly Dougherty joined the National Guard at age 17. Then a high school senior she was excited at the prospect of learning skills that would help her in life, and in doing something substantive to help pay for college. Kelly has served in Hungary, Croatia, Kuwait and Iraq and has experienced first hand, in a variety of ways, the negative effect private corporations like KBR have on the day-to-day lives of military personnel in Iraq.