Filmmaking Brave New Films Style
By Devin Smith

After finishing our last film, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, the Brave New Films team proudly proclaimed "we will not start another film without having financing for the film in place." Of course, we’ve said this before. However, this time we said it with great conviction. And, for good measure we added "we will not begin another film if we feel there is not sufficient time to adequately research the stories and produce the film in a manner more akin to traditional documentary filmmaking." Our collective thought had become "let's take our time to make our next project and let's make sure financiers are on board early."

Director Robert Greenwald

On paper these proclamations read really well and sounded very nice but in reality that paper soon became nothing more than wallpaper. Why? Because we're not traditional filmmakers and we do not make conventional films. Once an idea takes hold, our mantra becomes "hold on to your hat because the roller coaster ride is about to begin." Not to anyone's real amazement, our proclamations were soon dismissed once we began tossing around ideas for our next project in one of our weekly brain storming sessions.

The idea which stuck the hearts and minds of the Brave New Films team was a film about war profiteering. Our preliminary research showed such gross negligence and such corporate malfeasance that we were convinced we had to make this film. The only drawback (at the time) was that we had to get it out as soon as possible which meant we only had a few months to make it. With the idea for the next project on the table, some preliminary research, a preliminary budget done, and with knowledge of how little time we would have to make this film, we took a BNF team vote to decide if we should move forward. If I remember correctly, Robert actually voted against making the film because of the short amount of time we had to make it. We all knew it would be a sacrifice, but we all came to the conclusion that this was such an important topic that we had to make the film – even if it meant working around the clock. The games had begun!

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