Katy Helvenston, and her son Scotty
Mother of Scotty Helvenston
Leesburg, Florida
"No parent should have to lose their child. But to lose it in this way. With people that, I mean, they trusted these people with their lives. And what do they get for it?"
- Katy Helvenston

Kathryn Helvenston is a strong and passionate woman recovering from a broken heart. Katy's son Stephen "Scott" Helvenston was killed while working for Blackwater USA in Iraq. A born athlete and the youngest-ever Navy SEAL, Scott went to work for Blackwater to earn money to support his children. When he left for Iraq, Scott expected to be protecting Paul Bremer. Instead he found himself in danger in the middle of a war zone.

On March 31, 2004 Scott was sent on a mission from which he never returned. Katy explains: “they sent them out, short two men. Also the vehicles should have been armored, and they also should have had saws, heavy belt fed machine guns in each vehicle, which they didn't have. They also were supposed to have maps of their routes, they should have pre-planned their route, which they weren't given enough time.” While driving through Falluja, they were ambushed and gruesomely murdered.

Vivid photographs of Scott and three other Blackwater contractors hanging from a bridge in the center of town made the incident at Falluja one of the war's most infamous. After the tragedy, Blackwater’s profits increased 600 fold, while Katy is left still searching for the details of the day.