Hollie & Steve Hulett
Manistee, Michigan
"Steve and I were soul mates. You know, people think that's a trite expression. It's not. I miss him so much. Honest to God. Life will never be the same. Ever again. He shouldn't have died. He should be here fishing with us."
- Hollie Hulett

Hollie Hulett is a 50-year old mother of three from Manistee, Michigan. Hollie’s husband Steve, her high school sweetheart, was killed in April 2004 at the Good Friday Massacre. Steve had gone to work as a KBR truck driver in Iraq to help rebuild the country and save-up money to send their three children to college. Prior to the Massacre, Hollie was alarmed by KBR’s unwillingness to provide drivers with proper protection, like bulletproof armor on vehicles. But, she never anticipated KBR would send their workers into a situation the military had warned them of.