April & Kim Johnson
Lost Father/ Former Husband inn the Good Friday Massacre
Riverside, California
"April 9th, if, I believe this is correct. First of all it was Good Friday which is a huge Christian holiday so probably one of the most dangerous days of the year for anybody to be out there that's a Christian. And secondly it was a year to the date that President Bush stood up and claimed victory and that Saddam Hussein statue fell, to the date… for Halliburton to choose that day and considering those two facts and considering the fact that they had the knowledge that things were going on out there, they knew, Halliburton knew that they should not, that the chances of them going out there and being harmed or killed were very likely"
- Kim Johnson

April and Kim Johnson live in Riverside, California. Their hearts and lives have a massive hole in them, left by the death of Tony Johnson in the Good Friday Massacre. Seeing the opportunity to work for KBR as a patriotic adventure and a way to solidify his and his family's future, Tony went to Iraq. "He looked forward to so many things, my future, me buying my first house, eventually getting married and having a baby and all that stuff, he looked forward to everything" April says of her father. Close to one another, as they were to the gregarious and lively Tony, April and Kim are left wondering how KBR could have sent Tony and several other men into a situation they knew could be deadly.