James Logsdon
KBR/Halliburton Former Truck Driver
Enid, Oklaholma
James Logsdon
"The head guys and the managers were staying in villas, townhouses, other exclusive places. And then they started moving us out of the base and into these villas too, I mean marble floors, mahogany woodwork it was just beautiful, two living rooms, TV, the whole nine yards, catered food, BBQ's once a week. We'd rent wave runners and go out and play in the water…"
- James Logsdon

James was an ordinary patriotic American. He was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma and went went to Iraq to work as a KBR truck driver. He looked forward to saving up money -KBR promised a large salary. Yet he was shocked by the excess and waste he saw in Iraq. One example of the waste he saw was this: “A gentlemen in a brand new semi, it wasn't designed for what we needed to use, it was a brand new 18 wheeler, he parked it next to a burn pit, and then ultimately pushed it into the burn pit, next thing I know they’re pouring diesel and everything on it and setting it on fire...”