David Mann
SPC, US Army 2003 & 2005
Denver, Colorado
"I had to, we had to train these KBR contractors how to do our job, how to fix these radios. This wasn't just one case. This was multiple cases... We shouldn't have to train them how to do their job."
- David Mann

David Mann, a veteran of the Iraq war, talks about training KBR employees making substantially more money to do his job in this 2 minute video (not in the film).

David Mann is an all-American young man from Colorado who served as a soldier in Iraq. Mann grew up in a military family and looked forward to serving his country. When he arrived at his duty station in Iraq, he was heartbroken to find that he, a radio mechanic, and hundreds of other soldiers trained to provide logistical support were being charged with training KBR contractors to do their jobs.