Marie de Young
KBR/Halliburton Former Contract Administrator
"You know, we have a saying in the military: ‘the budget is a moral document.’ We express our values by how we spend our money. And as a nation right now we're caught up in this whole thing of, ‘Now this is war. We've gotta spend whatever we gotta spend’… there's no accountability."
- Marie de Young

As a Halliburton whistleblower, Marie de Young testified about patterns of fraud in Halliburton contracts and stood up to the Republican Leadership of the House Government Reform Committee when the chair ridiculed the testimony of truck drivers who reported waste, overcharges, reckless endangerment and abuse of employees. California Representative Henry Waxman told The Philadelphia City Paper,"Without whistleblowers like Marie de Young, no one would know about the egregious rip-offs of the taxpayer. They have shown great courage in stepping forward." De Young was also the first woman to serve as an Army chaplain in the 2nd armored Cavalry Regiment and the Broken Hearts in the 2nd Infantry Division. She chairs the Social Justice Committee at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County and is currently running for State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 163rd District.