Marwan Mawiri
Former Titian Translator in Iraq
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"There was no training before we got to our assignment or even after we arrived. The communications between Titan and its employees were horrible. The site managers were incompetent and unskilled to deal with the linguists- many hires were unprofessional and unqualified translators. There was no supervision on the ground or evaluations and follow-up plans to ensure the U.S. Military the most accurate translations."
- Marwan Mawiri

Marwan Mawiri 32, works for the Service Employees International Union in Philadelphia. As a Muslim Arab American, Mawiri went to Iraq in part to provide proper communication and build understanding and cultural bridges between the U.S. and Iraq and to help with reconstruction after the war. Mawiri worked as a translator for the Titan Corporation in Iraq. Initially, he was surprised at the lack of training and testing Titan required of him. After arriving in Iraq, Mawiri realized his experience was not unique, but part of a larger pattern. As a translator in Iraq, Mawiri was witness to "institutionalized waste, lack of employee supervision, incompetence and unethical management of employees" by the Titan Corporation.