Geoff Millard
Former Sergeant US Army National Guard 1998-2006
Buffalo, New York
"I tell people, if you don't know KBR, you have never been to Iraq. Because KBR is everywhere in Iraq. Everywhere. And KBR is a subsidiary of Halliburton."
- Geoff Millard

Geoff Millard likes clean laundry, something Halliburton KBR was charged with providing him while in Iraq: “keeping a soldier's morale up is not that difficult. There's certain things that you can do. One is by doing good laundry. One is by having good chow. Good chow and good laundry go a long way for a soldier, who is just far away from home. But yet whenever we got our laundry back, it felt worse than when we turned it in…..”

An Army Sergeant from Buffalo, New York, Millard was based out of Tikrit, Iraq as part of the 42nd Infantry Division. KBR/ Halliburton had contracts for providing Millard’s division with clean, laundry, food and many of the day-to-day necessities. Millard was consistently disgusted by KBR’s practice of putting profits ahead of the well being of American soldiers. Retired from the Military, Millard regularly speaks out against KBR/ Halliburton’s profiteering.