Bill Peterson
Former KBR truck driver and Good Friday Massacre Survivor
Buffalo, Missouri
"We were told repeatedly we were not soldiers, we were noncombatants, not to do anything that made us appear as soldiers or military personnel. And that we would not be sent into any areas of known danger."
- Bill Peterson

William Jeffery Peterson, or Bill as his friends call him, is a truck driver from Buffalo, Montana. Patriotic to his core, Peterson went to work for KBR/ Halliburton to help rebuild Iraq. On April 9, 2004, a day expected to be extremely dangerous by the military, KBR sent Peterson and several other drivers on a convoy into a volatile part of Baghdad. Virtually defenseless, the convoy was ambushed near the Abu Ghraib prison. KBR’s negligence cost several drivers their lives that day and injured many more; the ambush is now known as the Good Friday Massacre.