Promoting the movie. Spreading the word.
Since we don't have a giant media company spending millions of dollars buying ads for this movie on buses, we need you to get the word out.

#1 thing you can do is HOST A SCREENING and then promote your screening.

Make your own promotional materials with what is provided here:


  • Several different movie posters in super high resolution suitable for printing and promoting your screening.
  • Web graphics suitable for your blog, website, MySpace, etc.
  • Movie logo with a transparent background as a PSD file.
  • Press release you can edit and then print to spread the word of your screening (Word Document).
  • Conference calls from Patriotism over Profit screening week, featuring Robert Greenwald, people in the film, leaders of participating organizations and politicians. Archived and available for download in mp3 format.
  1. Be our friend on MySpace and YouTube... and tell YOUR friends to as well.
  2. Embed the trailer on your website or MySpace.
  3. Join our Facebook group and spread it to your friends. You can list and organize your screening on Facebook too.
  4. Post your screening on Craigslist in the community events section.
  5. Add screening photos or anything else related to the movie to the Iraq for Sale Flickr page. Email your photos to . Your email subject line will be the title of the photo and the body of the email will be the description. Make sure to include your name and location in the description for credit.