Shane Ratliff & Family
Former KBR Truck Driver
Ruby, South Carolina
"One thing I'd like my kids to know, I want them to know why I went through with going in a foreign country in a war zone. And another thing, I would want them not to want to go there, no matter how much money somebody offered them, your life, there's not a value, a dollar amount you can put on your life. And big companies will lie to you. Just like some individuals will lie to you. Anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is."
- Shane Ratliff

Shane Ratliff was born and raised in Ruby, South Carolina, just a mile from where he lives today. He played high school football, met the love of his life and saved up money to fulfill his dream of buying his own truck. Like so many truck drivers working in Iraq, he went there to save money for his family and support the troops. When Shane arrived in Iraq, the rampant waste and institutionalized overspending he saw corporations committing went against his will to serve the American people.