Edward Sanchez
Former KBR truck driver and Good Friday Massacre Survivor
Silver City, New Mexico
"It was totally preventable. There was absolutely no reason for us to be there. And we had no knowledge, and one of the first things that came across my mind was, a soldier came up to me and said, who are you guys? What are you guys doing out there? The roads are closed. We have been fighting those guys for over 48 hours. They own that road out there. And I was like, how in the world could we [have been] sent down here into this road."
- Edward Sanchez

Edward Sanchez is a 35-year old rancher from Silver City, New Mexico. Having worked as a truck driver in the past, Sanchez was excited when he heard about the opportunity to drive for KBR in Iraq. He went to Iraq intending to help with rebuilding efforts and save for his future.

Sanchez was among the KBR drivers sent down a “red road” by the company into what is now known as the Good Friday Massacre. Sanchez was shot twice during the attack by insurgents, but managed to help an injured man and survive his own wounds. Memories of the attack are carved in his mind; the permanent limp the massacre left him with means the day is always with him.