Donna, Jozo & Tom Zovko
Parents and Brother of Jerry Zovko
Cleveland, Ohio
"We need to let people know, we need to help prevent someone else's son from being killed the same way. Because of the mighty dollar. Because I truly believe that my son is not walking the earth because people that he trusted and worked for did not care about him."
- Donna Zovko

Patriotic, young and strong, Jerry Zovko was a former Army ranger turned security specialist who went to work for Blackwater in Iraq. Zovko was killed with Scott Helvenston at Falluja. Two years later Tom Zovko, Jerry's brother – an IT consultant who works for the Federal Reserve in Cleveland Ohio, and his mother Donna Zovko, still find themselves grappling with what happened the day of Jerry’s death. Donna and Jozo’s home is filled with photographs of Jerry.

Putting her life back together after her loss, Zovko is working to stand-up to Blackwater, who continues to deny her access to their internal investigation of the ambush. Jerry’s mom finds intermittent peace with family, the friend she's found in Katy Helvenston, and in seeking truth.